15 Reasons to choose us


Diquecito was the first center of its kind in Latin America, founded in 1946 has now more than 66 years of experience.


99% of our patients would recommend us for achieving their health goals in our institution.


Our work is transdisciplinary. Our team includes the expertise of: physicians, nutritionists, specialized gym teachers, physiotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists, among others.


We are a team of people working for each and every patient, generating an average ratio of 2 employees per patient.


We understand that each person is unique. Therefore we work in a personalized way to help achieve the objectives through health prevention.


Our founder, Professor Dr. Paul Busse Grawitz, was twice nominated for Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology, condecorated with the Big Cross of Merit of the German Government, and appointed Honorary Professor at the University of Berlin.


We have won several prices and awards, such as the Bizz Awards, Abiqua: Latin America Quality Award, The Recognition of Ministry of Health of the Province of Córdoba - Argentina, among others.


The patient is our priority so we have medical professionals 24 hours.


We are very close to the city of Cordoba but immersed in a unique microclimate and in a protected environment: Bamba´s Natural Reserve. This builds a special space for the treatment of various non transmissible chronic diseases.


We are committed to research and teaching. Therefore we have the first residence in Medical Nutrition in Argentina.


We have bilingual professionals trained to understand in the patient’s first language, their needs.


The WHO recognizes that non transmissible chronic diseases generated about 59% of the mortality in the past years, and the rate would reach 69% in 2030. Many of these diseases can be prevented with lifestyle changes such as those learnt in Diquecito.


We provide medical treatments with great scientific basis, to help people in a personalized way to improve their quality of life.


The results of our treatments change habits generating better health perspectives and long term results.


We love what we do and are committed to the quality of our services.