How we work

Our Mission: "We offer medical treatments to improve quality of life, based on a comprehensive view of the person"

Como trabalhamos - SPA Diquecito

Clínica Diquecito is a pioneer institution in Latin America, which has been dedicated to health care, prevention, and treatment of post-modern medical conditions for more than 65 years.

Since our main concern is the person, our approach is comprehensive. We treat the body, nourish the mind and care for the spirit with a wide variety of therapies, aiming at restoring the lost balance and wellness.

Day by day, through a holistic conception, we achieve results in a short time frame, being sustainable in the medium and long term, and with no harm to health. In Diquecito, we believe that in order to maximize human potential, a change in habits is necessary. This is what makes quality of life better. We work with non-invasive methods that focus therapeutically on the reeducation of the individual as the protagonist of change.

Our staff is comprised of an interdisciplinary team of professionals, who work complementing each other and view the patient from an interdisciplinary perspective. Doctors, physicians, nutritionists, Physical Education teachers, physiotherapists and specialists in wellness turn each of the therapies into an element of vital importance to achieve the proposed objective, always taking into account all the needs of every patient individually.

Thus, Sanatorio Diquecito, surrounded by its unique natural environment, provides a distinct treatment proposal. The stay turns into a joyful experience while achieving health objectives.

Our caring hotel team will accompany you during your stay, making you feel at home.

Every detail, from the kitchen to the park, has been carefully thought of so that you can return home totally renewed, and eager to continue this deep change towards quality of life.

You will also be able to enjoy unique beauty, physiotherapy and aesthetic relaxing services that complement the internal changes in your health, with the external projection of wellness. Moreover, we add the experience of a highly-qualified team, ensuring you that you will be in the best of hands.