The LifeXtension Program of Sanatorio Diquecito is unique in its kind in Argentina, offering you the most modern ANTIAGING medicine.

We live in context in which life style, diet, sedentary habits and inherent factors make our bodies lose vitality and age at a high rate. Consequently, health problems arise and the immune system weakens.

In Sanatorio Diquecito we tried to find a solution to this problem and, after many years of investigation, we developed the LifeXtension Program.

This is a 4-stage program:

  • Diagnosis:

    The program begins with a chronobiological diagnosis.

  • Detoxification:

    In this stage, the organism releases toxins, and gets prepared to receive the nutrients the body needs to stop the aging process.

  • Treatment:

    This stage consists of the administration of neutraceutical products based on nutrients and natural bioactive components, known as biostimulins. These products, with specific formulas that do not contain drugs, have been exclusively developed by Diquecito to deal with those factors that can accelerate the aging of your organism.

  • Maintenance:

    This program implies 10 days of hospitalizationand a subsequent 3-month maintenance process.

In case the patient cannot stay that number of days:

Revitashock Program

As indicated by its name, this program includes a revitalizing shock with quick results. It lasts 4 days and is designed to obtain short-term results, whereas the main purpose of the LifeXtension Program is a deeper treatment with a strong emphasis on the long-term.

Do not hesitate to ask for more information. We can advise you and accompany you to a better quality of life.