Stress Management

Stress Management

Comprehensive Stress Treatment

Our Comprehensive Stress Treatment Program is extremely effective since, while the patient relaxes in a supportive environment, our staff tries to detect the stressing factors individually and then works on them to obtain lasting and sustainable results.

There are different types of stress:

the one that prevents the individual from performing adequately the daily routine, hampering the functioning of the senses, circulation and breathing, with possible serious consequences for health.

caused by the demands that the individual accepts to fulfill in a determined period of time - schedules, activities, etc- eliminating in this way de sense of self-improvement. We also include here WORK STRESS or BURNOUT.

The impact produced can be represented in the shape of:


In order to approach this, it is necessary not only to recognize when our levels of stress increase, but also to identify the stimuli or situations that trigger them.

Sanatorio Diquecito offers you a highly supportive professional space and revitalizing activities and services through which you will be able to work on those aspects that are particular to your situation.

The objective of our program is to promote the learning, acquisition and development of management tools and strategies that enable you to better adapt to the stressing situation, leading to a considerable improvement in the symptoms.

Minimum recommended program length: 7 days.